PrivateBin Helm Chart

This is a kubernetes chart to deploy PrivateBin.

Quick Start

To install the privatebin chart with default options:

helm repo add privatebin https://privatebin.github.io/helm-chart
helm repo update
helm install privatebin/privatebin


  1. Customize your values.yaml for your needs. Add a custom conf.php to change any default settings.

  2. Deploy with helm

     helm install \
       --name your-release \
       --values your-values.yaml \


See values.yaml for full documentation

Parameter Description Default
replicaCount Number of replicas 1
image.repository Container image name privatebin/nginx-fpm-alpine
image.tag Container image tag ``
image.pullPolicy Container image pull policy IfNotPresent
nameOverride Name Override ""
fullnameOverride FullName Override ""
datapath Datapath for persistent data /srv/data
controller.kind Controller kind (StatefulSet, Deployment, Both) Deployment
controller.pvc.requests Requests for PVC (only with StatefulSet) 1Gi
controller.pvc.storageClass StorageClass to use for PVC (only with StatefulSet) ""
service.type Service type (ClusterIP, NodePort or LoadBalancer) ClusterIP
service.port Ports exposed by service 80
service.portName Name of exposed port, becomes LB protocol on ELB http
service.annotations Service annotations {}
ingress.enabled Enables Ingress false
ingress.annotations Ingress annotations {}
ingress.hosts.host Ingress accepted hostnames privatebin.local
ingress.hosts.path Ingress path \
ingress.tls Ingress TLS configuration []
resources Pod resource requests & limits {}
nodeSelector Node selector {}
tolerations Tolerations []
affinity Affinity or Anti-Affinity {}
configs List of files to put in cfg path {}


Standard helm upgrade process applies.

Chart release 0.3.0+ defaults to the image for to PrivateBin 1.3.0. You can find the release notes at https://github.com/PrivateBin/PrivateBin/releases/tag/1.3.